The 12 Apostles was an experience that confirmed that what I have chosen to do for the rest of my life was the right choice. On my first day at the 12A I was welcomed with open arms. Not only did I learn the way a hotel kitchen works. I learnt how important communication is and working together as a team. 

The kitchen was quiet big, but I can not compare as it is my first commercial kitchen. It had 4 sections: Grill, Cold, Hot, pastry and there were two wash up areas and basins to wash your hands everywhere. The executive chef Christo was a really nice man and to work with him was a great experience. I had an amazing time at the 12A I didn’t want to leave. And being told by many of the staff that I was one of the best interns that they have had just confirmed that I was in the right place and studying the right thing. 

Becoming a chef is part of who I am now and I believe that my experience at the 12A has affirmed that it’s my calling… to cook.