In this industry nothing is more important than to have great connections and friends within the hospitality family. I was fortunate enough to have been involved in the past years to play a part in major sport events for which we managed the catering.

FIFA World Cup South Africa, Brazil and Russia, European Olympic Games in Baku, Asian Olympic Games in Turkmenistan, Formula E Saudi Arabia and now I just have returned from Japan from the Rugby World Cup. What an event, it was hard work, long hours and to experience an typhoon and an earthquake were added hurdles to take, but also at the same time it is a privilege to be part of such an event.

New friends and connections have been made. Already been invited to take part in the Japanese Olympic Games in 2020, and as the cherry on top there is a high proximity that students of SAACA will be going with me to Japan. Can’t wait. Please see some picture of my Japanese adventure.