My internship at Lanzerac was both enlightening and life changing, not only as a chef but as a person. Apart from enjoying living on my own in a new and stunning city, this internship showed me what I should and should not look for in a working environment one day. Lanzerac’s Manor kitchen was very organised and the food served there was extremely well executed and carefully made.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to prep and work through service from day one, cater for high teas and functions, as well as create a dessert for a Sunday Lunch menu. The section I was most fond of was Pastry and this internship has shown me that Pastry section is definitely my strong suit. As much as working for a 5-star hotel was daunting , having to meet those standards and actually doing well while learning, showed me how capable I am and boosted my confidence as a chef.

I left Stellenbosch with a heavy heart and immediately submerged myself in cooking as I returned home. I know for sure this is the career I am meant to pursue in life.