It is advisable that students apply for the study visa well in advance through the Department of Home Affairs/SA High Commission/SA Embassy.
Refunds will not be granted if this is not arranged well in advance.

For student visa requirements, refer to the following website:

Foreign students will need to do the following:

  • Students are to pay an application fee in order to receive a provisional acceptance letter which can be used as support in the Study Visa application. Note that proof of the application fee paid should be sent to us via email.
  • Note that the provisional acceptance letter will be issued only as a supporting document and does not confirm visa applications as approved the legal process must be followed.
  • Once the official Study Visa is obtained, the following documentation is required:
    1. Valid Passport Copy
    2. Medical Certificate and proof of Medical Insurance Cover
  • The relevant course fee is to be paid in full prior to commencement of the course, unless other arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon to.
  • The student needs to become a member of a South African medical aid. This can only be done once you are in South Africa and have a South African bank account, until such time, you will need to take out travel insurance to cover any potential medical cost.
  • A provisional acceptance letter will be issued to the student during the course of registration and the letter can be used in support of the student visa application.

Please note: 

The Terms Fee option is not available to foreign students i.e. only the ‘Cash Fee’ paid as a once off, up-front payment in full, will be accepted. We are obliged to inform the High Commission / Embassy if foreign students drop out or fail to qualify for re-enrolment.