Course Fees & Payment Options

The following table shows SAACA’s course fees and payment options. Please note:

  • The cash fee can be paid over 3 months. Any longer than that the Terms fee applies.
  • These fees are only valid for the intake for 2016.
  • No refunds will be made.
  • All monthly payments are paid in advance of education being received.
  • Should payment not be received timeously as agreed to, then the educational input will cease immediately, unless otherwise agreed or discussed with SAACA.
  • In the event that a student chooses to pay via monthly instalments, a Money Stop has to be made with their bank.
  • We do know that most banks will give student loans, contact your bank. We will give you a letter on request.


Course Fee

Enrolment Deposit


11 Monthly Payments
1st March 2016 to 1st January 2017

Professional Culinary Diploma 11 month

R 83,000.00




Professional Pastry Diploma 11 month

R 89,000.00




Professional Grande Diploma 11 month

R 149,000.00




The above fees INCLUDE the following

  • 2 Full Sets of Uniform
  • 1 Knife / Tool Set
  • Training Material
  • All Cooking / Baking Ingredients
  • City & Guilds Examination Fees
  • Accredited Food Safety Course
  • Accredited First Aid & Fire Training Course
  • Assessment Cost
  • All Text Book

Banking Details:

South African Academy of Culinary Arts
Standard Bank of South Africa
Pickering Street
Account Number: 300179499

Reg. No. 2012/187425/07

13 Mayfair Avenue, Fernglen
6045 Port Elizabeth, South Africa
TEL: +27 (0) 41 3643377 I
FAX: +27 (0) 41 3643377


For Foreign Students

It is advisable that students apply for the study visa well in advance through the Department of Home Affairs/SA High Commission/SA Embassy.
Refunds will not be granted if this is not arranged well in advance.

For student visa requirements, refer to the following website:

Foreign students will need to do the following:

  • Students are to pay an application fee in order to receive a provisional acceptance letter which can be used as support in the Study Visa application. Note that proof of the application fee paid should be sent to the call centre agent.
  • Note that the provisional acceptance letter will be issued only as a supporting document and does not confirm visa applications as approved the legal process must be followed.
  • Once the official Study Visa is obtained, the following documentation is required:
    1. Valid Passport Copy
    2. Medical Certificate and proof of Medical Insurance Cover
  • The relevant course fee is to be paid in full prior to commencement of the course.
  • The student needs to become a member of a South African medical aid. This can only be done once you are in South Africa and have a South African bank account, until such time, you will need to take out travel insurance to cover any potential medical cost.
  • A provisional acceptance letter will be issued to the student during the course of registration and the letter can be used in support of the student visa application. 

Please note: The Terms Fee option is not available to foreign students i.e. only the ‘Cash Fee’ paid as a once off, up-front payment in full, will be accepted. We are obliged to inform the High Commission / Embassy if foreign students drop out or fail to qualify for re-enrolment.


Internships and Career Placements at SAACA

We at SAACA fully understand that the most important thing for you when finished with your studies is to find employment. Therefore in the past and as we type this text, we have made it to one of our key goals to make sure that we can offer our students the best possible available.

  1. Let us make one thing clear from the word go. We do not promise that every student with get a job.
  2. What we do promise is that we do our absolute best, by giving our 100% dedication and with your own 100%, we are sure that there will be plenty of opportunities waiting for you.
  3. We do not send our students once a year to the local supermarket of fast food restaurants. We in fact have 2 placements for you planned during your studies with us during the full time courses. One in South Africa and the other one with a 5 star property overseas.
  4. A once in a life time opportunity. Your second placement is for 6-8 weeks, and if you qualify and you would like to take this opportunity, you will be finding yourself in an International 5 star hotel overseas, living your dream and experiencing what will be waiting for you after your studies.
  5. We have connections to international 5 star hotels, from Asia to the Middle East. The cost of the airfare to the destination of the internship is not included in the total tuition. But we will ensure that the student receives free accommodation and free food and drinks whilst on duty.
  6. We have had students who have already signed a contract with the hotel they did the internship with before they returned to complete their studies, That is why this is such a great opportunity.
  7. After your studies we will guide you in the direction you have decided to take and put you in touch with hotels, restaurants etc.
  8. We are currently also negotiating with Ritz Carlton Hotels in the USA to take students from SAACA when their studies are finished, for up to 1 year.
  9. We also have a section on the webpage about job opportunities where we post updated job opportunities from South Africa and overseas.


Our Current Partners
The Sun International Hotel & Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth
The St. Francis Links Restaurant, St. Francis
The Radisson Blu, Port Elizabeth
Shamwari Lodges, Port Elizabeth
The Marquis Marriott Hotel Dubai
Ritz Carlton Hotels, Dubai & Oman
Moevenpick Hotel Group International
Anantara Resorts & Hotels & Spas International
The Wynn Macau
The MGM Macau